Winkler Real Estate Group feels that issues of social equity are of the highest priority.  Nothing is more important to us than fairness, both in our real estate dealings and our participation in the community. 

But how to create positive change when systemic injustice often results from unconscious bias? How can we learn to do better, to be better, and to understand the complex untold history of our nation?  When we found this resource page on racism, privilege and how to be an agent for change we knew we want to share it with our clients and colleagues. 

It can be extremely time-consuming to cull through endless online links to find those that illuminate our hidden judgments and shine a light on our country’s past. This page, constantly updated, includes all kinds of links (videos, podcasts, books, interviews, essays, and movies) along with short notes that highlight why a particular resource is worth exploring. And there are resources for parents, teachers, and protestors, too.
We hope you agree this page provides a path forward towards a more just society.  That’s where Winkler Real Estate Group is oriented. Join us on this path of learning.

Read the full article here.

In accordance with our concerns, we have decided to donate regularly to non-profits working for social justice. Our first four donations will go to the NAACP, Black Lives Matter, 100 Black Men, and Moms of Black Women.