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A home purchase impacts all realms of life: finances, family, and feelings. At Winkler Real Estate Group we understand what’s at stake. You won’t find more capable and innovative agents anywhere. We listen well and then craft a plan to exceed your expectations.

The purchasing process is all about YOU. So go ahead, tell us everything that matters. The more we know about your hopes and dreams, the better. Once your goals are clear, we do the market research to find homes that fit your requirements. And it’s not just about MLS listings and database access; it’s about ears to the ground and eyes on the prize. Hankering after a condo, or a loft? Prefer a townhouse or a Craftsman? Near a beach or a bistro? We work hard to discover the style, square footage and financing that works for you.

Check out our client testimonials and give us a ring. Our office is one of the most effective and least pretentious real estate hubs you’ll ever visit. We’ll help you find just the right home with favorable terms and a timeline to match.

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What is RAL in Real Estate?

In the evolving landscape of real estate, specialized segments like Residential Assisted Living, play a crucial role. Residential Assisted Living is now commonly referred to as “senior housing” or simply “assisted living”. Most elders will face a decision of where to live in their later years. Almost all the options have pros and cons. Decisions will be made taking emotional, social, logistical, medical, and financial capacities into account.

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A disappearing pixelated-man attempts to approach home on desolate landscape with sun bearing down on him.

What is Scarcity in Real Estate?

Like any market, real estate is subject to the laws of supply and demand. But what role does scarcity play in this dynamic? In this article, we’ll explore how scarcity affects real estate prices and what it means for buyers and sellers.

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Woman pointing to the abbreviation "CTG" on purple background.

What Does CTG Mean in Real Estate?

CTG, or ‘contingent,’ in real estate signifies that a property has an accepted offer, but specific conditions or contingencies must be met, such as securing financing or selling an existing home, before the sale can proceed. During this time, the property is in a waiting state, and backup offers can be considered. Contingent offers provide flexibility and protection for both buyers and sellers until all contingencies are cleared.

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