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A home purchase impacts all realms of life: finances, family, and feelings. At Winkler Real Estate Group we understand what’s at stake. You won’t find more capable and innovative agents anywhere. We listen well and then craft a plan to exceed your expectations.

The purchasing process is all about YOU. So go ahead, tell us everything that matters. The more we know about your hopes and dreams, the better. Once your goals are clear, we do the market research to find homes that fit your requirements. And it’s not just about MLS listings and database access; it’s about ears to the ground and eyes on the prize. Hankering after a condo, or a loft? Prefer a townhouse or a Craftsman? Near a beach or a bistro? We work hard to discover the style, square footage and financing that works for you.

Check out our client testimonials and give us a ring. Our office is one of the most effective and least pretentious real estate hubs you’ll ever visit. We’ll help you find just the right home with favorable terms and a timeline to match.

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Think About Housing as You Age

As we age, the desire to live independently in our own homes becomes increasingly important. A recent study found that 88% of 50-80-year-olds believe in the importance of staying in their homes for as long as safely possible, but it’s essential to consider various factors like healthcare access, safety, social interaction, and home modifications when planning for aging in place.

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Escrow and Title – What Are They?

Escrow and title are essential components of real estate transactions. Escrow involves a specialized bank account that securely holds transaction funds, while title refers to legal ownership of a property, ensuring it’s free from liens or disputes.

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