For decades, Winkler Real Estate Group has provided high quality, relationship-oriented real estate sales and marketing services to developers and purchasers of real property. With years of first-hand experience we have a deep understanding of the challenges developers face; we help them maximize profit, minimize carrying expenses and liability, consult on construction and interior design, and develop effective marketing campaigns

We’ve built a stellar team. Our firm has a substantial advantage in the field of subdivision marketing. Call us. We’ve sold over 4,000 condominiums and single-family homes.
We’re here to:
  • Consult on model homes, including design and merchandising 
  • Look for opportunities to maximize profit 
  • Meet pre-sale requirements through our contacts in the lending industry 
  • Provide experienced and dedicated staff on-site to sell homes for the developer 
  • Promote sales through our excellent reputation with the local brokerage community 

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