Craig Campbell

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DRE# 01413983

Office: 510-919-0632

Cell: 510-919-0632

1215 Solano Avenue
Albany, CA 94706

If you’ve ever had the feeling someone is just trying to sell you something, I understand how annoyed that made you feel.  Whether you’re planning to buy a home, sell a home, or need to decide between selling or renovating and staying, I’m confident you know what you want for yourself. It’s likely you just need help identifying and translating opportunities into actionable choices that will get you to the best outcome. 

That’s why I focus foremost on providing a high level of service – always being available and responsive, providing as much information and context as possible – to ensure my sellers and buyers make great decisions for themselves. 

I understand the complexities of our competitive Bay Area real estate market and want my buyers to know how to structure winning offers. My familiarity with home renovation and project management, along with an eye for design and property development, empowers my clients – both sellers and buyers – to understand what improvements will net the most return, as well as how to find and recover hidden value in properties that others may not readily see.

I’m a 25-year veteran of the real estate industry, with experience spanning corporate relationships for brokers and property managers, and as a mortgage loan officer, and being a licensed Realtor. I love being asked and answering questions.

Please feel free to contact me today or anytime – especially if you expect to be transacting a few months down the road. When it comes to real estate matters, it’s never too soon to start preparing and planning. Getting off to a great, early start helps so much in avoiding unexpected setbacks in both buying and selling.

I’m glad you’ve come to our team at Winkler Real Estate Group for help and I look forward to serving you.