April 2020

Dear Clients,

By now you know the Bay Area is under a strict Shelter-in-Place (SIP) order due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Businesses that provide essential services are open; our Governor has asked the rest of us to stay home. (We may go out for food, medicine, health care, or to care for a relative.  That’s it.) These limits are very important! It makes good sense to try and lessen the load on our health care providers. 

During this time all of us at Winkler Real Estate Group are making adjustments to meet your needs. We’ll be working from our homes, without in-person tours and open houses. And while these constraints pose challenges, we believe our work with you can move forward in new ways:  we’ll be using digital technology, thinking outside the box, and collaborating more than ever with our peers in the industry. 

Because we want our clients and communities to be as resilient as possible, we’re gathering resources to make your home-stay easier to navigate. Got kids 24/7? Feeling isolated? Check out our new Cool Tools page called “Stuck at Home?” or you can download/print the information here to easily share with your friends & family. 

From our homes to yours,
The entire Winkler Real Estate Group team

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