Verb.  To uplift, increase, improve, or inspire

At Winkler Real Estate Group, we’re here to give you a boost.
We’re ready to enhance the value of your home –– and your bank account.


Everyone knows that fixing up a property and transforming it into an alluring and comfortable space can dramatically influence property values. So far, so good. The snag is that renovation and interior design work can be unanticipated and bring unwelcome expenses; your budget simply may not allow you to take the recommended action.

That’s where we step in…

Our “Boost!” service increases the likelihood of a successful sale. How? We advance costs for your repairs, staging, landscaping, and any other services that will dramatically increase the value of your home. No fees. No interest. No hassle. No hesitation.

Not to worry, we’ll be reimbursed through escrow. In the meantime, you’ll see your home’s value soar.

So why not let us boost your property’s value, and your life?


Note: We also offer access to a whole host of services and cool online tools to make your transition easier, and your days less stressful. We’ve got everything from furniture storage and food delivery to dog walkers and parking apps. Click HERE