Heidi Kearsley

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DRE# 01345660

Office: 510-706-2937

Cell: 510-706-2937

Hi! I’m Heidi.

My real estate dealings started early. I bought my first home when I was 20, determined to own property rather than rent. I believed in planting gardens, making nests, and waking up hearing birds… and I hear birds even now, living on a boat! (Yup, I own the yacht).

I live life with an artist’s eye. In my previous career as a graphic designer, I received several awards for out-of-the-box approaches; I was always surprising my clients. In 2002 I decided to focus my creativity on helping people through the process of buying and selling homes. It was an entirely natural extension of my skillset to a field I had always been passionate about.

Problem solving had been my gift as a designer, but when I turned my attention to real estate my superpower really came to life: I can see diamonds in the rough.

I empower clients to get the most for their money, and so navigating this competitive market is my new creative outlet. I love my work!

My greatest satisfaction comes when I can assist someone who never thought they could own a home get into one of their own. It’s entirely possible, especially if they’re willing to branch out and not follow the herd. Buyers who look at properties others have passed by, who are interested in building equity in a home, those are my people. And I love sellers who will let me showcase what they have in new and exciting ways. Let me give you an example: To sell an old 1906 urban farm, a lovely property, I designed a vintage-style fruit crate label and hosted a farmers market to attract buyers who would appreciate the history of the place, and it’s future potential.

I grew up in Seattle, and moved to San Francisco in 1997 for a graphic design position. Like so many people, the weather and diversity is what convinced me to settle in the East Bay. Not surprisingly, I’m a maker. I love making the things I need, and when I figure out how to make them I make lots and give them away!! I’ve discovered I’m surprisingly good at making pie. I’ve won the Alameda County Fair contest with a blackberry-rhubarb concoction.

I’m also passionate about exploring the outdoors: windsurfing, cycling, camping, skiing, and boating all sound like fun to me. I have three grown children and two granddaughters; when I’m not playing hooky with them you can find me listening to my large vinyl collection that includes everything from Claudine Longet to the Gorillas, as well as tons of movie soundtracks and old Hawaiian music. In the summer months I’ll sit on the deck of my boat with friends and family. I’m happy anywhere there’s wind, water and sunshine.

I love the team here at Winkler Real Estate Group. Daniel is a top-notch respected agent and broker. But what I really like about him is that he’s a prince; he’s so generous, so supportive, and so accessible. I’ve worked elsewhere, but the level of his attention is unsurpassed. And in our office everyone is a winner; everyone is celebrated. Danny creates a wonderful atmosphere—he’s truly one of a kind.