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Francesco Papalia has helped home buyers, sellers, and small investors for thirty successful years as a realtor in the East Bay from American Canyon in the Napa Valley to Oakland and Alameda. With a degree in architecture from U.C. Berkeley, Mr. Papalia has an eye for how to make the most cost-effective improvements to a property for a seller preparing to put their property on the market or a buyer who may miss an opportunity to purchase due to fear over a minor structural problem that may appear too overwhelming.

Francesco’s Recent Listings:

555 Pierce Street, Albany, CA

310 Jersey Street, San Francisco, CA

1344 McGee Avenue, Berkeley, CA

SOLD $,1310,000           Selling Price: $1031/Sq.Ft. 

801 Madison Street, Albany, CA      SOLD $1,120,000

For the first-time buyer, Mr. Papalia can guide you through the complexities of the real estate market with a steady, sure hand on the details of the transaction. From getting you pre-approved for financing, through helping you understand the results of the home inspection, to being there at the closing to make sure you understand the financial commitments you are making, his commitment to his customer comes first.

For the contractor/developer, he can help with site planning and future marketing of your project.

For the condominium buyer or seller, it is not just the amount of monthly homeowner association fee that should be considered, but what services are included in that fee. How does the reserve account measure up to the upcoming expenses? Mr. Papalia will make sure you have a clear understanding of what you are buying into before you sign off on the purchase. 

For the investor, Mr. Papalia can help with the timing of your sale. As a real estate investor himself, he has a keen understanding of the ins and outs of the 1031 tax deferred exchanges and building management.

Are you ready to move out of your large home and simplify your lifestyle? Can you take advantage of the over 55 years of age one-time transfer of your old tax base to your smaller home/condominium? Mr. Papalia's patient approach assures your finding just the right place to suit your changing lifestyle.

As an Albany homeowner since 1987, Mr. Papalia knows the importance of good schools when selecting a place to live and how it affects property values. He will help you make the right decision for your family and your finances.

One of Francesco’s strongest assets is his negotiating skills. In every step of the negotiation there is a time and way to manage an outcome that will be in his client's best interest. It can be the most satisfying aspect of the process. Mr. Papalia believes his extensive experience and a commitment to customer service will continue to satisfy his customers and future referrals.

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 “Francesco helped me immensely with finishing renovating my condo and with preparing both the condo and myself for the sale. His knowledge of the process and ability to help me prioritize my tasks were exactly what I needed”
- Bob Benjamin
“Francesco, this was my first time selling a property and I appreciate your knowledge, passion and how I always felt that we were a team. Ultimately, you were a great teacher and that I highly recommend you. In the future I won't think of anyone else to help me in real estate.” 
-Cara D
“Francesco is the best! I walked away from my Albany property with only what would fit in my pickup truck and a trailer I had just bought the day before. I had auctioned off some of the contents of my house. He was left with a huge mess and he took care of everything: cleaning, repairs, painting, floor refinishing and more. All of this was done by him with aplomb and good nature. He earned his fees more than any other real estate agent I have ever dealt with in other real estate transactions.  He also got a really good price for my house!”
-Erika Lockhart
“I highly recommend Francesco. He is very detail oriented and he worked really, really hard.”
-Betty Wu

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