We bet our office is the most down-to-earth real estate hub you’ll ever visit. Our relationship-oriented real estate sales and marketing services are built on long-standing community relationships. Exemplary customer service defines us.

Daniel Winkler, our principal, began his career at a San Francisco development firm but soon struck out on his own, hiring a business manager and one agent. His enterprise flourished! Since 2001 Winkler Real Estate Group has grown to include well over 30 agents. We share much more than sparkling new digs in a neighborhood we love: we share impeccable ethics and a collaborative spirit. Collegial agents pool knowledge and experience to offer guidance you can count on.

When you’re looking to buy, sell or lease property in Northern California, call us for stellar service. No red tape or fancy footwork, just great results.


Fixing up a property and transforming it into an alluring and comfortable space can dramatically influence property values. 

We know that renovation and interior design work can be unanticipated expenses; your budget simply may not allow you to take recommended action. That’s where we step in and assist you.   To increase the likelihood of a successful sale, we can help cover the cost for minor repairs, painting, staging, landscaping and other services that increase the value of your home.  Not to worry, we’ll be reimbursed through escrow. In the meantime, you’ll see your home’s value soar.

We also offer access to a whole host of resources and cool online tools to make your transition easier, and your day-to-day life less stressful. Everything from furniture storage to food delivery is covered, and we update the page regularly.  We also offer an extensive (and fun!) guide to sheltering in place successfully.  Check it out!


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We are actively working to increase the accessibility and usability of our website and in doing so adhere to many of the available standards and guidelines.

If you have any difficulty viewing or accessing our content, please contact us immediately at 510-528-2200 so we can assist you. We will always strive to provide the information you seek in a format you require. We also welcome any input on we can improve the accessibility of our website.