We bet our office is the most down-to-earth real estate hub you’ll ever visit. Our relationship-oriented real estate sales and marketing services are built on long-standing community relationships. Exemplary customer service defines us.

Daniel Winkler, our principal, began his career at a San Francisco development firm but soon struck out on his own, hiring a business manager and one agent. His enterprise flourished! Since 2001 Winkler Real Estate Group has grown to include well over 30 agents. We share much more than sparkling new digs in a neighborhood we love: we share impeccable ethics and a collaborative spirit. Collegial agents pool knowledge and experience to offer guidance you can count on.

When you’re looking to buy, sell or lease property in Northern California, call us for stellar service. No red tape or fancy footwork, just great results.





The Winkler Real Estate Group is dedicated to delivering remarkable service for all kinds of real estate transactions. Our clients buy, sell, and invest throughout the Bay Area. We know that real estate can lay the foundation for financial security and happy lifelong memories. Compassion, service, and justice are our guiding principles. 

  • We believe everyone has a right to be treated with compassion and fairness. Equal opportunity, respect and dignity are in our company's DNA. 
  • We believe your home should be a place of safety and security.
  • We believe all communities matter. We demonstrate this by our unwavering commitment to clients, vendors, and racial justice. 

Our company is transparent about our priorities, and we feel we must do more than talk. Accordingly, we make donations that align with our beliefs. In the past year, Winkler Real Estate Group has contributed to the following important organizations, in addition to local school and education funds: 100 Black Men (Bay Area chapter), Moms of Black Men, Habitat for Humanity, and the Blue Angels, Chinatown's new volunteer patrol team in Oakland.

All our agents have a voice, and everyone is heard. The freedom to speak out is what makes our working family vibrant. We share information and resources freely and willingly because we believe that we can improve everyone's lives by working together.

Our work ethic, office dynamics, philanthropic dollars, and unwavering commitment to our clients' best interests make Winkler Real Estate Group diverse, solid, agile, and one of the most successful boutique real estate firms in the Bay Area. 

We're so proud of what we do and how we do it. We all stand behind our community and each other. Give us a call; we'd be delighted to help you make dreams come true.



Our “Boost!” service increases the likelihood of a successful sale. How?  We advance costs for your repairs, staging, landscaping, and any other services that will dramatically increase the value of your home.  No fees.  No interest.  No hassle.  No hesitation.

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