Kerry Lyon
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When I was growing up, the youngest of six, my passion was gymnastics. Let’s face it, that’s a lot of bending and twisting, a balancing act that never stops. And it requires ridiculous amounts of stamina.  Reflecting on that childhood “career” I confess it’s a lot like real estate!

I should know.  I’m Kerry Lyon, and I grew up in a real estate family. My parents ran a brokerage firm for 25 years on Long Island (NY).  My twin sister is quite successful as a realtor in that same hometown, as is another sister. It took me a while to enter the fray, but now I know that real estate is my calling.  It’s in my blood.

After managing yoga studios and teaching asanas, the ups and downs of an agent’s rollercoaster life can seem hectic. You have to have thick skin, and not take things personally. But I understand the pace of this business, and have the necessary patience as well as the drive.  Maybe that comes with meditating twice a day for more than a decade…  I may look like I’m spinning 25 plates at once, but inside is a calm center.

Thing is, I’m on fire when I’m working!  I LOVE finding people their home, and going about it with the absolute faith we’ll discover the perfect property. When not out helping buyers and sellers I enjoy a getaway to the Santa Cruz redwoods with my husband Jake and our children, Billy and Aiden.

Winkler Real Estate Group is a great place for me to dive into my real estate career. Danny is the gem of gems. He offers a wealth of knowledge, not just about real estate but about being a true, honest, authentic person. I can’t say enough good things about him and the wonderful agents in this office.  

Call me!  I can’t wait to meet you…

PS. What I would do differently if I knew nobody would judge me?  SING.  True confession: I recently filmed myself singing Leather and Lace during a rare quiet moment at an Open House. Don’t tell anyone!

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